Dave Fridmann Discography

2024 Joe Wong “Mere Survival” Mix TBR 2/2/24
2024 IDKHOW “Gloom Division” Prod/Eng/Stereo and Dolby Atmos Mix Concord TBR 2/23/24
2024 MGMT “Loss of Life” Prod/Eng/Mix Mom and Pop TBR 2/23/24

2023 Nothing For Breakfast “Time Machine (Dave Fridmann Remix)” on “The Lost Album” Mix Idra Recordings
2023 Temples “Exotico” Mix ATO
2023 William Carlos Whitten “Omnibus Collection” Master Asthmatic Music
2023 Donny McCaslin “I Want More” Prod/Stereo Mix(-1)/Atmos Mix/Master Edition Records
2023 Deer Tick “Emotional Contracts” Prod/Eng/Mix ATO
2023 Georgia “Euphoric” Stere and Atmos Mix Domino
2023 Bombay Bicycle Club “My Big Day” Stereo and Atmos Mix

2022 Wallows “Tell Me That It’s Over” Stereo and Atmos Mix Atlantic
2022 Tim Burgess “Typical Music” Mix Bella Union
2022 Sam Jr. “(Self Titled)” Mix
2022 Flaming Lips “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” Master Warner Brothers
2022 Spoon “Lucifer On the Sofa” on “Lucifer On The Sofa” Mix Matador
2022 Beach House ”Finale” on “Once Twice Melody” Mix Sub Pop
2022 Deserta “Every Moment, Everything You Need” Mix
2022 MGMT “11 11 11” Mix MGMT

2022 Phil Broikos “a day in music: 2am” Master Independent
2022 WNY Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps “WNY Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps. Inc.” Prod/Eng/Mix/Master WNY Alumni
2022 Carly Rae Jepsen “Western Wind” on “The Loneliest Time” Atmos Mix Interscope
2022 The Greeting Committee & Briston Maroney “Sort Of Stranger” Atmos Mix Harvest

2022 The Greeting Committee & Tune-Yards "How Long? (Tune-Yards Remix)" Atmos Mix Harvest

2021 Mogwai “As The Love Continues” Co-prod/Mix Rock Action
2021 Vetusta Morla “Cable a Tierra” Mix Pequeño Salto Mortal
2021 The Lovely Eggs feat. Iggy Pop “I, Moron” Mix Egg Records
2021 Neal Francis “In Plain Sight” Mix ATO Records
2021 Vacation Forever “Real Life Sux” Mix Kravenworks
2021 Chet Faker “ Hotel Surrender” Some Co-prod/Mix Detail Records
2021 The Greeting Committee “Dandelion” Mix 6 Songs/Atmos Mixes Harvest
2021 Penelope Isles “Which Way To Happy” Mix Bella Union
2021 Rostam “Changephobia” Mix 2 songs “To Communicate”, Next Thing” Matsor Projects
2021 Flaming Lips “The Soft Bulletin Companion” Master etc. Warner Brothers
2021 Karrot Kake “Cakewalk” Eng 2 songs Nonexistant Records
2021 Nell “Where The Viaduct Looms” Mix/Master Bella Union
2021 Phil Broikos “a day in music: 1am” Master Independent

2020 Vanessa Carlton “Love Is An Art” Prod/Eng/Mix Dine Alone

2020 The Flaming Lips “American Head” Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Master Warner Records
2020 The Districts “You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere” Mix Fat Possum
2020 The Lovely Eggs “I Am Moron” Mix Egg Records

2020 The Rentals “Q36” Mix Self-released
2020 Joe Wong “Nite Creatures” Mix Decca

2020 Phil Broikos “300 Seconds” on A Day In Music: 12am Co-prod/Eng/Mix, Master album Independent
2020 MGMT “In The Afternoon/As You Move Through The World” Mix MGMT Records 

2020 Haim “Women In Music Pt.III”  Mix 3 songs “Los Angeles”, “Up From A Dream”, “Leaning On You”,   Add. Prod “The Steps” Columbia
2020 Temples “Paraphernalia” Mix ATO
2020 Eric Harvey “Year Of The Rat” On Black Lives Matter Compilation Mix Rough Trade Publishing/Bank Robber Music
2020 Wallows “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” on Remote Mix Atlantic Records
2020 Deap Lips  “Deep Lips” Master Cooking Vinyl
2020 Home “18” Master Screw Music Forever
2020 Gentle Dom “Fanta Se EP” Master MGMT Records
2020 Connan Mockasin “I Want Troll With You-Gentle Dom Remix” Master Because Editions/Fantasy Sound
2020 Vol. 3: Soccer Mommy - circle the drain (Gentle Dom - Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT Remix) for Soccer Mommy & Friends Singles Series Master Bandcamp
2020 Django Django “Spirals MGMT Remix” Master Because Music

2019 Baroness “Gold and Grey” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Abraxan Hymns
2019 Interpol “A Fine Mess” EP Prod/Eng/Mix Matador
2019 Flaming Lips “King’s Mouth” Add’l Prod/Master Warner Brothers
2019 Flaming Lips “The Soft Bulletin Live At Red Rocks” Co-prod/Mix/Master Warner Records
2019 Keane “Disconnected / Sovereign Light Café (Dave Fridmann Sessions)” Prod/Eng Mix UMC
2019 Superet “How To Work A Room”Co-prod/Eng/Mix Rob The Rich

2019 Spoon “Everything Hits At Once” Co-prod/Eng/Mix 3-4 songs Matador 

2019 Clairo “North” and “Sofia” on Immunity Mix Fader

2019 Blue October “King (Dave Fridmann Mix)” on King EP Mix Up/Down 


2018 MGMT “Little Dark Age” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Columbia 

2018 Solomon Grey “ Human Music” Mix MercuryKX 

2018 The Lovely Eggs “This is Eggland” Mix Egg Records 

2018 Lord Huron “Vide Noir” Mix Republic/Whispering Pines 

2018 Flaming Lips “Scratching The Door: The First Recordings Of the Flaming Lips” Re-master Rhino/Warner Brothers 

2018 Flaming Lips “Seeing the Unseeable: The Complete Studio Recordings of the Flaming Lips 1986-1990” Re-master Rhino/Warner Brothers 

2018 Flaming Lips “Greatest Hits Vol 1.” Re-master Warner Brothers 

2018 William Carlos Whitten “ Burn My Letters” Master 

2018 Truefaith sen+imen+al “Ako at Si Michael” Mix Star Music PH 

2018 Interpol “Marauder” Prod/Eng/Mix Matador 

2017 Flaming Lips “Oczy Mlody” Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Master Warner Brothers 

2017 Flaming Lips “Onboard The International Space Station” Mix/Master Warner Brothers 

2017 Spoon “Hot Thoughts” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Matador 

2017 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah “The Tourist” Mix Independent 

2017 The Octopus Project “Memory Mirror” Some mixing Robot High School 

2017 Mogwai “Every Country’s Sun” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Rock Action 

2017 Haim “Kept Me Crying” on Something To Tell You Mix Polydor 

2017 The Rentals “Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad” Mix The Rentals, Inc. 

2017 Superet EP Mix Rob The Rich 

2017 Vetusta Morla “Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar” Mix Pequeño Salto Mortal 

2017 Rostam “Bike Dream” on Half-Light Mix Nonesuch 

2016 Band of Horses “Why Are You OK” Mix American Recordings 

2016 Corbu “Crayon Soul” Mix Big Picnic 

2016 Wolf Alice “Ghoster” on Ghostbusters Soundtrack Mix RCA 

2016 Gypsy & The Cat “Virtual Islands” Mix 2 songs Alsatian Music 

2016 Moonlandingz “Black Hanz (Radio Mix)” on Blak Hanz EP Mix Transgressive 

2016 Jane’s Addiction “So What” on Sterling Spoon Box Set Eng/Prod Rhino

2015 Ava Luna “Infinite House” Mix Western Vinyl 

2015 The Vaccines “English Graffiti” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Columbia 

2015 Tobias Jesso Jr. “Without You (Alternate Version)” Mix True Panther 

2015 Brandon Flowers “Lonely Town’ on The Desired Effect Mix Island 

2015 Spoon “Tv Set” track on Poltergeist Soundtrack Mix Sony Masterworks 

2015 Miley Cyrus “Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz” Some Co-prod/Eng/Mix Smiley Miley 

2015 No Devotion “Permanence” Mix Collect Records 

2015 Baroness “Purple” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Abraxan Hymns

2014 Neil Finn “Dizzy Heights” Prod/Eng/Mix Lester/Kobalt 

2014 Flaming Lips “7 Skies H3” vinyl Co-prod/Eng/Mix Warner Brothers 

2014 The GOASTT “Midnight Sun” Mix Chimera 

2014 The Phoenix Foundation “ Tom’s Lunch” Mix 2 songs Universal 

2014 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah “Only Run” Mix 

2014 Spoon “They Want My Soul” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Loma Vista/Anti-/Spunk/MAGNIPH 

2014 Electric Würms “Musik, die Schwer zu Twerk-EP” Co-prod/Mix/Master Warner Brothers 

2014 Scott Reynolds “Stupid World” Co-master Independent Release 

2014 OK Go “Hungry Ghosts” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Paracadute 

2014 Flaming Lips “With A Little Help From My Fwends” Mix/Master Warner Brothers 

2014 Mt. Royal “What’s On My Grave”, “Mockingbird” on EP Prod/Mix Bella Union

2013 Flaming Lips “The Terror” Co-prod/Co-eng/Mix Warner Brothers 

2013 MGMT “MGMT” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Columbia 

2013 Cut Copy “Free Your Mind” Mix Modular 

2013 Pyyramids “Brightest Darkest Day” Mix 5 songs Paracadute 

2013 Franz Ferdinand “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” Mix 2 songs Domino 

2013 Modern Kin “Modern Kin” Mix 2 songs Amigo/Amiga  

2013 New Weather “New Weather” Mastered Butterscotch 

2013 The Cribs “Payola” Prod/Eng/Mix 4 songs (compilation) Wichita 

2013 Flaming Lips “Peace Sword” EP Mix 1 song/Master Warner Brothers 

2013 Rik Napoli “Shine” Co-prod/Mix/Master Independent Release 

2013 Kwka “Nostalgitis” Remix Independent Release

2012 Flaming Lips “The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends” Co-prod/Co-eng/Mix Warner Brothers 

2012 The Cribs “In The Belly of The Brazen Bull” Prod/Eng/Mix Wichita 

2012 Keane “Strangeland” Programming on “Sovereign Light Cafe” and “On The Road” Island 

2012 Wintersleep “Hello Hum” Co-prod/Mix Capitol/EMI 

2012 Ponderosa “Pool Party” Prod/Eng/Mix 6 songs New West 

2012 Lavender Diamond “Incorruptible Heart” Mix Paracadute 

2012 Tame Impala “Lonerism” Mix Modular 

2012 Gypsy & The Cat “The Late Blue” Co-prod/Mix Alsatian Music 

2012 Neil Finn “Song Of The Lonely Mountain” on The Hobbit Soundtrack Mix WB

2011 The Midget “City Drop” Master Impko 

2011 Parts and Labor “Constant Future” Co-prod/Mix/Master Jagjaguwar 

2011 Royal Bangs “Flux Outside” Mix Glassnote 

2011 Thursday “No Devolución” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Epitaph 

2011 Mercury Rev “Deserter’s Songs” [Reissue] Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Remaster V2 

2011 OK Go “180/365” Mix Paracadute 

2011 Wolf Gang “Suego Faults” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Warner UK 

2011 OK Go “Muppet Show Theme Song” on Muppets The Green Album Mix Walt Disney Records 

2011 Wild Flag “Romance” on Wild Flag Mix Merge 

2011 Neon Indian “Era Extraña” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Static Tongues 

2011 MGMT Late Night Tales “All We Ever Wanted Was Everything” Mix Night Time Stories 

2011 Pyyramids “Human Beings” EP Mix Paracadute 

2011 Flaming Lips “The Flaming Lips with Neon Indian” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Lovely Sorts of Death 

2011 Flaming Lips “The Flaming Lips 2011 Gummy Song Skull” Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Master Lovely Sorts of Death 

2011 Flaming Lips “Heady Nuggs” Box Set Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Master Warner Brothers 

2011 Flaming Lips “The Flaming Lips with Prefuse 73” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Lovely Sorts of Death 

2011 Flaming Lips “The Soft Bulletin Live La Fantastique de Institution 2011” Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Master Lovely Sorts of Death 

2011 Flaming Lips “The Flaming Lips 2011 Gummy Song Fetus” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Lovely Sorts of Death 

2011 Flaming Lips “The Flaming Lips 2011 Strobo Trip Toy” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Lovely Sorts of Death 

2011 Flaming Lips “The Flaming Lips 7 Skies H3 24 Hour Song Skull” Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Master Lovely Sorts of Death 

2011 Flaming Lips “The Flaming Lips with Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band” Co-prod/Co-eng/Mix Lovely Sorts of Death

2010 OK Go “Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Capitol 

2010 Brandon Boyd “The Wild Trapeze” Prod/Eng/Mix Epic 

2010 MGMT “Congratulations” Mix/Eng Columbia 

2010 Tame impala “InnerSpeaker” Mix Modular 

2010 Quasi “American Gong” Mix 4 songs Kill Rock Stars 

2010 Falcon “Disappear” Mix “Say Goodbye” Master 

2010 Gypsy & The Cat “Gilgamesh” Mix 2 songs Sony 

2010 Grand Mal “Clandestine Songs” Master Groover Records 

2010 “The Dark Side” Virtual Instrument Co-prod East West Sounds

2009 Flaming Lips “Embryonic” Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Master Warner Brothers 

2009 Thursday “Common Existence” Prod/Eng/Mix Epitaph 

2009 Black Moth Super Rainbow “Eating Us” Prod/Additional Eng/Mix Graveface 

2009 Saxon Shore “It Doesn’t Matter” Prod/Eng/Mix/Master & Records Japan 

2009 OK Go “Shooting The Moon” on New Moon Soundtrack Co-prod/Eng/Mix Chop Shop 

2009 OK Go “I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe” on Soundtrack 90210 Co-prod/Eng/Mix CBS 

2009 Carbon Copycats “Captain Bringdown and The Buzzkillers” Prod/Eng/Mix/Master Cd Baby

2008 MGMT “Oracular Spectacular” Prod/Eng/Mix Columbia 

2008 MGMT “Metanoia” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Columbia 

2008 Scott Reynolds and The Steaming Beast “Adventure Boy” Prod/End/Mix/Master Suburban Home 

2008 Mass of The Fermenting Dregs “If A Surfer” Prod/Eng/Mix Great Hunting 

2008 De Novo Dahl “Move Every Muscle, Make Every Sound” Mixed 4 Songs Roadrunner 

2008 Tapes ‘N Tapes ”Walk It Off” Prod/Eng/Mix XL 

2008 Flaming Lips “Christmas On Mars” Mix/Sound Design  

2008 Zazen Boys “Zazen Boys 4” Prod/Eng/Mix Matsuri Studio 

2008 Mercury Rev “Snowflake Midnight” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Yep Roc 

2008 Apollo Sunshine “Shall Noise Upon Us” Eng Headless Heroes 

2008 Future Clouds and Radar “Peoria” Prod/Eng/Mix 6 songs Star Apple Kingdom 

2008 Longwave “Secrets Are Sinister” Prod/Eng 2 songs Polvora Music

2007 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah "Some Loud Thunder" Prod/Eng/Mix Wichita 

2007 Low "Drums and Guns" Prod/Eng/Mix Subpop 

2007 Pips, Chips, and Videoclips “Pjesme Za Gladijatore” Mixing Menart 

2007 Future Clouds And Radar "Future Clouds And Radar" Mixed 4 songs 

2007 Flaming Lips “UFOs at The Zoo” Surround Prod/Mix Warner Brothers 

2007 Ono (with Flaming Lips )"Yes, I'm A Witch, Cambridge 1969/2007" Prod/Eng/Mix Astralwerks 

2007 Flaming Lips “Love The One You Find” on Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium Soundtrack Prod/Eng/Mix Varese Sarabande 

2007 Flaming Lips “The Supreme Being Teaches Spiderman To Be In Love” on Spiderman 3 Soundtrack Prod/Eng/Mix Record Collection 

2007 Flaming Lips “The Tale Of The Horny Frog” “Maybe I’m Not The One” tracks on The Heartbreak Kid Soundtrack Prod/Eng/Mix Plan R 

2007 Flaming Lips “ I was Zapped By The Lucky Super Rainbow” on Good Luck Chuck Soundtrack Prod/Eng/Mix Lion’s Gate

2007 6x7”Catch The Rain” on 04 Mixing First Time 

2007 Scott Reynolds "Livin' The Dream” Mastered Boss Tuneage

2006 Mercury Rev The Essential Mercury Rev "Stillness Breathes" Mastered, Etc. V2 

2006 Flaming Lips "At War With The Mystics" Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Warner Brothers Records 

2006 Thursday "A City by the Light Divided" Prod/Eng/Mix Island Def Jam 

2006 Brazil "The Philosophy of Velocity" Prod/Eng/Mix Immortal 

2006 Sparklehorse "Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain" Some Eng/Mix Capitol Records 

2006 Trespassers William "having" Mix Nettwerk 

2006 Quasi "When The Going Gets Dark" Mix Touch and Go Records 

2006 Flaming Lips "At War With The Mystics 5.1" Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Warner Brothers Records 

2006 Flaming Lips "Soft Bulletin 5.1" Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Warner Brothers Records 

2006 Mercury Rev "Hello Blackbird Soundtrack" Mastered V2 

2006 Grand Mal "Love Is The Best Con In Town" Mastered New York Night Train 

2006 Dan Berggren "Fresh Territory" Mastered Sleeping Giant Records

2005 Mercury Rev "The Secret Migration" Co-prod/Eng/Mix V2 

2005 Low "The Great Destroyer" Co-prod/Co-eng/Mix SubPop/Rough Trade 

2005 Sleater-Kinney "The Woods" Prod/Eng/Mix SubPop 

2005 Saxon Shore "The Exquisite Death Of" Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Burnt Toast Vinyl 

2005 Goldrush "Ozona (LP)" Prod/Eng/Mix 3 songs, Mixed 2 more Better Looking Records 

2005 Hopewell and the Birds of Appetite Mixed Tee Pee Records 

2005 Stubbs The Zombie Soundtrack, The Flaming Lips "If I Only Had A Brain", Phantom Planet "The Living Dead" Prod/Eng/Mix Shout/Aspyr 

2005 Flaming Lips “Bohemian Rhapsody” on Killer Queen, A Tribute To Queen Co-prod/Eng/Mix Hollywood Records 

2005 Lake Trout Street Fighting Man track from "Not Them, You" Prod/Eng/Mix Rx Records 

2005 Bass Piggy Ace of Pig Co-Prod/Eng/Mix and Mastered Independent 

2005 The Midget "The Midget" Mastered Impko 

2005 Home "no. 15" Mastered Cooking Vinyl

2004 Phantom Planet "Phantom Planet" Prod/Eng/Mix Epic 

2004 Kaolin "De Retour Dans Nos Criques" Mix Barclay 

2004 Nicolai Dunger "Here's my song You can have it...I don't want it anymore/Yours 4-ever" Mastered Virgin 

2004 Goldrush "Ozona EP" Prod/Eng/Mix:Wait For The Wheels Truck Records 

2004 Longwave (Tidal Wave CD EP) Prod/Eng/Mix BMG 

2004 Modest Mouse "Good News For People Who Love Bad News" Remix 1 Track with The Flaming Lips Epic 

2004 The Dissociatives "Forever and A Day Remix Single" Remix Eleven 

2004 Mark Joseph "Lady Lady [Dave Fridmann Mix] 7" " Mix 14th Floor Records 

2004 Flaming Lips "The Spongebob Squarepants Movie: Music From The Movie and More, Sponge Bob and Patrick Confront The Psychic Wall of Energy" Co-prod/Eng/Mix Sire/Wea 

2004 Flaming Lips w/ Sparklehorse "Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered, Go" Co-eng Gammon

2003 Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots 5.1" Co-prod/Eng/Mix Warner Brothers 

2003 Flaming Lips "Ego Tripping EP" Co-prod/Eng/Mix 3 New Songs Warner Brothers
2003 Flaming Lips & Tom Jones “Duck Dodgers of the 24½th Century - main title / theme song” Prod/Eng/Mix/Master Warner Brothers

2003 Wheat Per Second "Per Second Per Second Every Second" Mix Aware 

2003 Chumbawumba "Readymades and Then Some [Bonus DVD], Tubthumping remix" w/Lips Eng/Remix Koch Records

2003 The Webb Brothers Co-prod/Eng/Mix 3 songs Wea Records 

2003 Steve Burns "Songs For Dustmites" Prod/Eng 4 songs/Mix 5/Mastered PIAS 

2003 Cafe Tacuba "Cuatro Caminos" Prod/Eng/Mix 3 songs MCA /Geffen 

2003 Whirlwind Heat "Do Rabbits Wonder?" Mix Third Man Records 

2003 Pips, Chips, Videoclips "drvece i rijeke" Mix/Mastered Menart Records 

2003 Grand Mal Bad Timing Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Arena Rock Recordings 

2003 Goldrush"/Extended Play" Mixed 2 song: Let You Down, Counting Song Truck Records 

2003 Longwave "The Strangest Things" Prod/Eng/Mix RCA/East West 

2003 Mercury Rev "In A Funny Way " track on the Laurel Canyon Original Soundtrack Prod/Eng/Mix Hollywood Records

2003 Junkbutton "Cut Out For The High Life" Mix Gutterrock 

2003 Vinni Blue “More Than Anything” Mix Smelly Girl 

2003 Micky Mercurio "7 Years of Bad Luck" Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Freezerburn3

2002 The Delgados "Hate" Prod/Mix Mantra 

2002 Longwave "Day Sleeper EP" Prod/Eng/Mix Fenway 

2002 Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Warner Brothers Records 

2002 Flaming Lips "Finally The Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid" Mastered Ryko/Restless 

2002 Flaming Lips "The Day They Shot A Hole In The Jesus Egg" Mastered Ryko/Restless 

2002 Gemma Hayes "Night On My Side" Prod/Eng 6 songs/Mix 5 Source Records 

2002 Dot Allison "We Are Science" Prod/Eng 2 songs Mantra 

2002 Luna "Romantica" Mix Jet Set 

2002 Number Girl "Num Heavy Metallic" Prod/Eng/Mix Toshiba/EMI 

2002 Number Girl "Num Ami Dabutz EP" Prod/Eng/Mix Toshiba/EMI 

2002 Brother Eye "All the Pretty Girls Get the Triangle" Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Bandaloop Records 

2002 Phil Broikos microcosm Mix 6 songs/Eng 1 song Liverpool Records 

2002 Bass Piggy "Box Set" Remastered Independent

2001 Cotton Mather "The Big Picture" Mix Rainbow Quartz 

2001 Mercury Rev "All Is Dream" Co-prod/Eng/Mix V2 

2001 Bodega "Without A Plan" Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered BOO BOO Recordings, Brobdingnagian Records 

2001 Sparklehorse "It's A Wonderful Life" Co-prod/Co-eng/Mix Capitol Records 

2001 Gemma Hayes "4:35 am EP, Gotta Low" Prod/Eng/Mix Source Records 

2001 Mogwai "Rock Action" Prod/Co-eng/Mix Southpaw Records 

2001 Creeper Lagoon "Take Back The Universe (and Give Me Yesterday)" Prod/Eng 4 songs Dreamworks 

2001 Ed Harcourt "Here Be Monsters" Mix 2 songs Heavenly Records 

2001 The Pavers "Beautiful EP" Mix/Mastered Boss Tuneage 

2001 Michael Arden Prod 2 songs/Eng 3/ Mix 3/Mastered Max Records 

2001 Odiorne "Want Them Leaving More" Prod/Eng/Mix Everlasting Records  

2001 David Peters "Soft Gifts For Mayhem, Moon In Blue" Mix Independent Release

2000 Number Girl "Sappukei" Prod/Eng/Mix Toshiba/EMI 

2000 The Delgados "The Great Eastern" Mix/Co-Prod Chemikal Underground Records 

2000 Home "XIV" Co-prod/Eng/Mix Arena Rock Records 

2000 Regular Fries "War On Plastic Plants" Prod/Eng 4 songs/Mix 5 songs V2 

2000 Family of God "Exiter" Prod/Eng 2 songs, Mix 1 Sugarfree Records 

2000 Elf Power "The Winter Is Coming" Mastered Sugarfree Records 

2000 Brother Eye "Radio-Controlled Drugs" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered (1995) Nobody Records

1999 Wheat "Hope and Adams" Co-prod/Eng/Mix Sugar Free Records 

1999 Number Girl "Destruction Baby" Prod/Eng/Mix Toshiba/EMI 

1999 Flaming Lips "The Soft Bulletin" Co-prod/Eng/Mix Warner Brothers Records 

1999 Flaming Lips "Buggin' " track on Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack Co-prod/Eng Maverick 

1999 Grand Mal "Maledictions" Co-prod/Eng/Mix Slash/London 

1999 Elf Power "A Dream In Sound" Co-prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Arena Rock Records 

1999 Mogwai "Come On Die Young" Co-prod/Eng/Mix Chemikal Underground Records 

1999 Geneva "Museum Mile remix" Remix Nude Records

1998 The Flaming Lips "A Collection of Songs Representing Enthusiasm For Recording...By Amateurs" Mastered Restless Records 

1998 Mercury Rev "Deserter's Songs Co-Prod/Eng/Mix V2 

1998 Penguin Noise "Jetlag" Co-prod/Eng/Mix 4 songs Toshiba/EMI  

1998 Penguin Noise "Thankyou" Remix with Flaming Lips God's Pop Records 

1998 Ammonia "Eleventh Avenue" Prod/Eng Murmer Music/Sony Australia 

1998 Carmen Quinones w/ Mercury Rev "It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World" from compilation "Super Bad@65" Prod/Eng/Mix Zero Hour 

1998 Six By Seven "Candlelight (Flaming Lips remix)" Co-Prod/Remix Mantra 

1998 Wallmen "Electronic Home Entertainment System" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Wild Pitch Records 

1998 Charm Pops "Unavailable" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Throwrug Records 

1998 Citizen King "Safety Pin" Remix with Flaming Lips Warner Brothers Records

1997 Jane's Addiction "So What" Kettle Whistle album track and single Co-prod/Eng Warner Brothers 

1997 Flaming Lips "Zaireeka" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Warner Brothers 

1997 Harmony Rockets "I've Got A Golden Ticket" Mix/Mastered No. 6 Records 

1997 Grand Mal "Pleasure Is No Fun" Co-prod/Eng/Mix No. 6 Records 

1997 Lotus Crown "Chokin' On The Jokes" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix 3 Songs Reprise Records 

1997 Verbena "Souls for Sale" Co-Prod/Eng Merge/Setanta 

1997 Marcy "Marcy" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Flip Records 

1997 Getaway Cruiser "Phones Calling" Co-prod/Eng 2 songs/Mix Skillet Records 

1997 Bass Piggy "Litmer" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Independent Release

1996 Grand Mal "Grand Mal" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered No. 6 Records 

1996 Craig Ross "Kill The Morning" album track and single-Dead Spy Report Mix and Eng MCA Records 

1996 jennyanykind "revealed" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Elektra Records 

1996 Weezer "Pinkerton" Eng 5 Tracks DGC 

1996 jennyanykind "revelater" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Elektra Records 

1996 Research “The Postmodern Always Rings Twice” Co-prod/Eng/Mix Unreleased 

1996 Bass Piggy You're Fat and Boring Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Independent Release

1995 Mercury Rev "See You On The Other Side" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Beggar's Banquet/Columbia 

1995 St. Johnny "Let It Come Down" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered DGC 

1995 The Wallmen "Variety Showcase EP" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Barnone 

1995 The Flaming Lips "The Clouds Taste Metallic" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Warner Bros. 

1995 The Flaming Lips "Bad Days" remix for Batman Soundtrack Mix Warner Brothers/Atlantic 

1995 Research to be released Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Elektra 

1995 John's Black Dirt "Horrible Moments of Upness" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Sullen Teen Records

1994 The Wallmen "Not Too Long Time Sound" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Bar None 

1994 St. Johnny "Wild Goose Chasin" on Rarities Compilation Co-Prod/Eng/Mix DGC 

1994 Mercury Rev "Everlasting Arm" single Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Big Cat 

1994 Creaming Jesus "Chaos for The Converted" Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Jungle Records 

1994 Radial Spangle "Syrup Macrame" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Jungle/Beggar's Banquet 

1994 Bass Piggy "You're Fat" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Independent Release 

1994 Spectacle "Spectacle" Prod/Eng/Mix Independent Release 

1994 The Amazing All My Children Band Lumber Ghost Some mixing Independent Release

1993 Luna "Hey Sister"on Slide EP-from demos for lunapark Eng/Mix Elektra Records 

1993 Brother Eye "Soapdish Antennae" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Big Deal/Futurist/Mechanic 

1993 Radial Spangle "Icecream Headache" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Jungle/Beggar's Banquet 

1993 Bass Piggy "You're A Bore" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Independent Release 

1993 Mercury Rev "BOCES" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Mint Films/Jungle/Beggar's Banquet/Columbia 

1993 Mercury Rev "The Hum Is Coming From Her" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Mint Films/Jungle/Beggar's Banquet 

1993 Brother Eye "Black Christmas single" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix Big Deal/Futurist/Mechanic

1992 The Flaming Lips "Hit To Death In The Future Head" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Warner Bros. 

1992 Mercury Rev "lego my ego" Co-Prod/Eng/Mastered Mint Films/Jungle/Beggar's Banquet/Columbia

1991 Mercury Rev "Yerself Is Steam" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Mint Films/Jungle/Rough Trade/Beggar's Banquet/Columbia  

1991 Mercury Rev "Car Wash Hair EP" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Mint Films/Jungle/Beggar's Banquet 

1991 The Consorting Angels "There's An Ocean" Eng/Mix Independent Release

1990 The Flaming Lips "In A Priest Driven Ambulance" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered Restless/Warner Bros. 

1990 The Flaming Lips "Atavistic EP" Co-Prod/Eng/Mix/Mastered No. 6 Records

1989 Dan Berggren "Mountain Air" Eng/Mix/Mastered Sleeping Giant Records

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